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Meet The Team

US – Glyn Davies & Corina Owen-Davies

Before we bought the Glan Yr Afon/Riverside Glyn worked as the General Manager of the Penheilg Arms in Aberdyfi with Robert & Sally Hughes for 12 Years and I worked as part of the management team at the hotel Portmeirion and Village for 14 years.

Glyn and I met through our positions within our roles in the Hospitality world. We were married September 2009, our aim was to find a property that we could transform and run ourselves and put all the experience gained in our own business together as well as bring up our son Dylan. Dylan loves being a part of the business and is loved by everybody else too!

We bought Glan Yr Afon/Riverside the end of April '10; we had taken a luncheon booking for Sunday 18th July for 50 guests from our local vicar Geraint ap Iorweth, we took the booking before we had our feet in the door or paperwork signed! Thanks to Geraint’s booking and all of Glyn and the builders hard work literally working around the clock, we opened the doors to Glan Yr Afon/Riverside to the local’s of Pennal at 7pm on Thursday 15th July 2010. The builders were still clearing out tools and paint pots at 6.30pm!!!

Meet the builders

Ian (Scouse) Thomas came with his vision, inspiration and carpentry, Mark Rudd kept smiling even though the plastering work went from the walls needing touching up here and there to every single wall and ceiling being stripped off, re built, boarded and plastered all by Mark’s fair hands! Gavin Morris well did what ever was needed all the way through, lovely wooden pillars in the restaurant thanks to Gav! We mustn’t forget Glyn as a part of the building team also, made the tea for the boys and helped wherever possible and learnt a few new skills along the way! Gareth Roberts electrician re wired the down stairs and made sure all there was enough power for the new kitchen and requirements! I wouldn’t have swapped going it to the roof space with you Gareth!! Mike painted in the worse circumstances a painter could ask for, but we got there in the end!

Meet the staff!


John Martin Shaw – Head Chef

What can I say as soon as we had our offer accepted and the deal was done JM was approached! When he agreed to be our chef, being a big risk for him to leave the kitchen and team he knew, JM remained positive the whole time! And we knew as long as we had a good chef everything would be ok! Together we ordered every peace of equipment, utensil, and everything you could and couldn’t imagine to get the kitchen up to scratch to be a fully functional working kitchen. John and his team are still going strong!

Cei Owens –Sous Chef

Cei also from the Penhelig clan joined us two weeks in and settled straight back into work with JM & Jane. Cei & JM work side-by-side and offer great food and consistency no matter who is cooking. They make a great team. Cei often enjoys a pint after work so I’m sure you’ll see him in the bar before you leave for the evening.

John Checketts – Chef

John came on board October 2010 to help with a few shifts to relieve JM and Cei having to cook every lunch & dinner shift. He is now a full time member of our team and settled in very nicely.

Jane Lewis - Cook & Front of House

Jane was the second person to join our team from when we opened. Jane was taken on board to help us front of house nearly a year on she still going strong in the kitchen as well as a couple of shifts front of house. What can we say Jane is our all rounder!

Katherine Griffiths aka 'Kat'

Kat joined our kitchen team March '11 on a part time basis when she has time out from looking after her young boy Haydn. Kat has come on board to concentrate purely on making our puddings, and wow what a difference she has made to our team and pudding menu!! Yum yum!!

Shane Ryan - Chef

Shane is our most recent addition to the team, Shane joined us June 2011 and has fitted in as if he was always there! Shane has completed the team and eased the pressure on the other chefs due to the demand on our busy kitchen.

Jane Wood – Cook

As well as working full time elsewhere, Jane gives us her calming influence and greatness one or two days a week. Which gives the others a break for a couple of days.

Our part time kitchen staff

Llion Davies
Jac Wyn Williams


Barry, Kim & Nicola are our three full time members of bar/front of house staff, t hey are fabulous and between them work along side Glyn and I all week. Be assured that you will be welcomed by one of them on your arrival to the Glan Yr Afon/Riverside and be looked after throughout. To assist us we have a great team of part time students who work with us throughout the year!

Our part time waiting on staff

Elin Evans
Annie French
Sian Breese-Griffiths
Eurgain Evans
Marged Jones
Emily Booth
Richard Storkey
Katie Wilkes
Mirain Lewis


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